Preschool Pals Update: And We’re Off!… 600 450 Way to Grow

Preschool Pals Update: And We’re Off!…

An update from Ms. Gwen, Way to Grow’s Lead Preschool Teacher. The AM and PM classes started off the school year adjusting to the new class schedule, making friends and getting to know the teachers! For our littlest ones, in the AM class, learning the new routine was a challenge. Not to our surprise, the kids…

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Meet Maurice! 1707 2560 Way to Grow

Meet Maurice!

On a chilly Saturday in March, Maurice’s laughter fills Way to Grow’s playroom. Wearing a dragon onesie, Maurice (7) is eager to show off his reading skills to his sister, Lizzy (10), and his mom, Mary. When asked about Maurice’s progress, Mary smiles and says: “It’s a complete 180. Way to Grow gave him confidence.” …

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Preschool Pals Update: A Summer Summary! 600 800 Way to Grow

Preschool Pals Update: A Summer Summary!

An update from Ms. Gwen, Way to Grow’s Lead Preschool Teacher. In mid-June, our class started the summer with a games unit. The kids learned how to play kick ball, Connect 4, Candy Land, Busytown, and Go Fish. Many of these games involved winning and losing. The big emotions that came with losing created a beautiful…

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Congratulations, Class of 2023! 2560 1707 Kate Kinkade

Congratulations, Class of 2023!

This August, Way to Grow had the opportunity to celebrate our Early Learner Class of 2023. The achievements of our families shine bright: this school year, 89% of our preschoolers were evaluated as ready to enter kindergarten on track!

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Meet Ricardo! 1971 1971 Kate Kinkade

Meet Ricardo!

Since moving to Minnesota from his home country of El Salvador, Ricardo has dedicated his life to being a role model for his two sons, Ezequiel (6) and Alexis (10). “He’s a very good dad,” says their Family Educator, Maria. Ricardo remembers meeting Maria for the first time: “Necesitaba mucho apoyo,” shares Ricardo. “I needed…

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Preschool Pals Update: Cultivating Minds! 600 800 Way to Grow

Preschool Pals Update: Cultivating Minds!

An update from Ms. Gwen, Way to Grow’s Lead Preschool Teacher. Last week, we finished up our forest animal unit. To the kids’ surprise, zebras, tigers and cheetahs do not live in Minnesota! Our focus was learning about what animals we see outside like squirrels, deer, birds, chipmunks, beavers, etc. We categorized these animals into the habitats they live in: tree,…

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Congrats, Third Graders! 1366 2048 Way to Grow

Congrats, Third Graders!

Congrats, Third Graders! This summer, we gathered together at North Mississippi Regional Park to celebrate our 3rd grade graduates! At Way to Grow, we work with families from before birth to third grade. Graduation isn’t a goodbye, but a “see ya later!” to our fantastic 8-year-olds.  We celebrated with a picnic lunch, plenty of sweet…

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Living Generously 3881 2861 Kim Bowman

Living Generously

If you have been taking a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your IRA each year, please read on. An intriguing new opportunity has arrived in 2023 as part of the SECURE Act. Background: If you are age 70-½ or older, you may re-direct funds coming out of your IRA (your RMD) to charitable causes. These are…

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Meet Destiny! 1707 2560 Kate Kinkade

Meet Destiny!

With a special love of painting pictures and reciting pages from her favorite book, Chrysanthemum, Destiny is bright, talented, and determined to be a leader. Her mom, Sharla, laughs: “Sometimes I call her auntie,” she says, “because she has an older soul.” Destiny’s journey with Way to Grow began when she was just two years…

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Living Generously 3881 2861 Kim Bowman

Living Generously

As Thanksgiving approaches, please know that gratitude abounds at Way to Grow for all of the gifts we receive to support our intensive home visiting work with children and families. Our hearts are moved by the generosity we see in action each day, knowing we could not have a deep impact without the many donors…

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The Present and Future of Way to Grow’s Impact 3415 3293 Chelsea DeLong

The Present and Future of Way to Grow’s Impact

Fadumo and Emmanuel’s Story For over 30 years, Way to Grow has worked with families in the Twin Cities, providing high-impact, early childhood and elementary education to help children and families succeed in school and life. Way to Grow provides parents and caregivers the tools they need to be their child’s #1 teacher, encouraging parents…

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Introducing Jearlyn + Jevetta Steele! 1200 600 Way to Grow

Introducing Jearlyn + Jevetta Steele!

Jearlyn Steele Jearlyn is a member of the internationally acclaimed family, The Steeles, who have performed from Carnegie Hall to Brazil and to the Super Bowl Live Verizon stage in 2018. Recently, Jearlyn and The Steeles were a part of the 2022 (Prince) Celebration at Paisley Park in Chanhassen, Minnesota. For more than a decade,…

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