Celebrating Neighborhood Spirit

Celebrating Neighborhood Spirit 1440 2560 Kim Bowman

In 2019, Way to Grow moved into new offices better designed to meet its staffing needs, in the Harrison Neighborhood situated between Bryn Mawr and downtown Minneapolis. Staff soon discovered the Bryn Mawr Market, a family owned and run grocery store that is open 365 days a year.  

“During a visit to Bryn Mawr Market,” says Kim Bowman on the Way to Grow development team, “the owner asked me who I was, because they know everyone who shops there.” She told him that Way to Grow had moved in down the street and shared their mission to ensure children in the most isolated households are born healthy, stay healthy, and are ready for school.   

Doug Anderson, the co-owner and clerk, pointed to a large donation jar on the checkout counter. He said, “We are about to take up a new collection of donations from our customers for a neighborhood cause. The last one was for a neighbor’s medical bills. This time it will be for Way to Grow.”  

Over the years, the Bryn Mawr Market has helped fund neighbors in need over a dozen times, simply by taking up a collection of change from its patrons. When you visit the market, you can see images of previous charitable checks hanging quietly on the wall behind the checkout counter.

Fast forward to August 2020, when Doug Anderson presented Way to Grow with a generous check for $1,142.27.  “This is from our customers. I am so proud of our community and so happy to be here,” said Doug. “And we believe in what Way to Grow is doing.” 

Way to Grow is incredibly thankful for this beautiful expression of neighborhood support from co-owners Doug Anderson, Paul Anderson, and the Bryn Mawr Market and its customers. Thank you, neighbors!

Gifting Summer Fun

Gifting Summer Fun 1224 1632 Maren Nelson

Two of Way to Grow’s supporters, friends Deb and Mary, asked us what our families needed most. When we responded with educational games, books, children’s socks and underwear, and summer clothing, they truly stepped up. Thank you Deb and Mary for your generosity and for helping to ensure families can learn and grow together this summer.

Showing up for community: Thank You, Slalom!

Showing up for community: Thank You, Slalom! 640 480 Maren Nelson

Way to Grow was pleasantly surprised when Lauren and her team from Slalom reached out to offer feminine products for our families. “We were seeking additional ways to help the Minneapolis/St. Paul area during this time of need, and a fellow female co-worker and myself wanted to organize donations for feminine hygiene products. We know that things like tampons and pads are crucially necessary, but aren’t always top of mind for donations of food and personal items,” explained Lauren.

Thank you to Lauren and everyone at Slalom who put time, energy, and resources into helping our families this summer! We’re so lucky to have an amazing community surrounding us during this turbulent time.

Thank You, Headwaters Relief Organization!

Thank You, Headwaters Relief Organization! 1024 768 Maren Nelson

When the pandemic arose, Headwaters Relief Organization went to work creating a science-informed coloring book to help parents explain to their children what the coronavirus is and why families were quarantining at home together, instead of going to work and school. Their intention was to distribute the coloring books to local charities to increase understanding of the pandemic in the community. Way to Grow is very fortunate and thankful to have received over 600 copies of When We All Stayed Home: A Coloring Book about the Coronavirus donated by Headwaters Relief Organization. And the giving hasn’t stopped there!

Living Generously: CARES Act

Living Generously: CARES Act 1562 561 Kim Bowman

If you are feeling the call to help others during challenging times, you are not alone.  In times of need, Minnesotans step up!  

Fortunately, Congress is also encouraging our better angels. For 2020, Congress has enacted the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act) to help reduce the financial impact of the pandemic.

Included is a brand new “universal deduction” that allows taxpayers who don’t itemize to deduct up to $300 this year for charitable gifts to charities like Way to Grow. This makes giving even more appealing in 2020 and Way to Grow is thankful to receive donations of all sizes.

For those considering larger gifts, the CARES Act also allows taxpayers who do itemize to deduct their charitable gifts up to 100% of their adjusted gross income (AGI) for 2020 only, reducing and eliminating their tax burden through charitable giving. In a year when charities are working harder than ever to support those in need, a significant gift to Way to Grow is a powerful investment in children and families at a time when they need our support most. Your gift will go to work immediately to ensure that parents are equipped to teach their children, children are prepared for school, and that every child has an opportunity to succeed in school and life.

For more details, please call us at (612) 767-0425 for assistance with your gift.

Your Community Needs You

Your Community Needs You 1000 584 Melissa Meyer

Our Way to Grow program is needed now more than ever. Schools are closed and parents are educating at home. Families are experiencing sudden unemployment and resource shortages. Accessing timely and necessary information in their home language is a challenge. The stress of this pandemic is adding more weight to the shoulders of families already isolated and trying to stay afloat.

We Can Help

Our work hasn’t stopped. Right now, “virtual home visits” are happening all over the Twin Cities. Our staff is:

  • Working with families language to language, culture to culture
  • Equipping parents to be their child’s foremost educator 
  • Helping parents navigate basic needs resources like food, employment, and healthcare  
  • Helping families keep their daily routines through these uncertain times

In the words of Lauren, a Way to Grow parent, “Miss Patricia [Family Educator] is my backup, my resource. I know I can count on her.”

Can we count on you?

Your community and your neighbors need you now. Here’s how you can help:

Financial donations are needed. Please consider a gift today to continue our virtual home visits and support check-ins with some of the most vulnerable families and children in our cities.

We have an immediate need for the following supplies to be sent directly to Way to Grow at 201 Irving Ave. N, Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55405:

  • Diapers, baby wipes, and formula
  • Cub gift cards
  • Target gift cards for food and household supplies
  • Books, games, and learning materials 

Thank you for your continued support—what we are doing together now, truly matters for so many.

Don’t forget to wash your hands!

Living Generously: Estate Planning

Living Generously: Estate Planning 4000 2786 Kim Bowman

As snowy days of March give way to the promise of spring, it may be a good time to review your estate plans to ensure everything is in order as you intend. Changes to our personal and family circumstances may mean that prior plans are no longer current and need to be updated. On average, Americans review their will, trust or other estate documents every 7 years as loved ones pass away, new additions join the family, and as we experience life changes.
Why have a will? A will helps you provide gifts for loved ones after your life.  It helps ensure that your wishes will be honored and family and friends will receive the money or property you intend for them. Whether you have a lot or a little to share, every person has the right to direct how their nest egg is used after their life. (Without a will, your property is distributed according to a “one size fits all” state formula that may not reflect your circumstances.)
You can also leave a gift in your will for charities you hold dear to support their work in the future, like Way to Grow. Simply state a percentage of the estate or a dollar amount for Way to Grow to receive as your legacy gift. We hope you’ll keep us in mind! Estate gifts help ensure that children are born healthy, stay healthy and are prepared for school. What could be a more meaningful legacy than brighter futures for all children in our community? Donors of estate gifts are eligible for membership in Way to Grow’s new Shine Legacy Society.
Your call is encouraged at (612) 767-0425 for more information and a free brochure, “Planning for the Future.”

Make Your Target Run Count

Make Your Target Run Count 1024 512 Melissa Meyer

We are honored and excited to announce that we have been chosen to participate in a special charitable giving campaign, sponsored and funded by Target. And you have the chance to help direct a portion of Target’s donation to us!

Now through March 31, vote for us through the Target Circle program to help determine how Target’s donation will be divvied up. Find out more about Target Circle here:

We’re asking our supporters to help us make the most of this incredible opportunity. Every vote counts to help us receive a portion of the available Target funds as we continue our mission to ensure that children within the most isolated families are born healthy stay, healthy, and are prepared for school.

Don’t forget, as you earn more votes, you can keep voting multiple times during the campaign!

Thank you for your support, and we encourage you to share your support for us (and your thanks to Target) on social media throughout the duration of the voting!

Living Generously: Joyful Giving

Living Generously: Joyful Giving 2560 1977 Kim Bowman

We all feel it. With school back in session, calendars are filling with autumn activities, sports events, social gatherings as well as charity galas. The pace of life is speeding up and it seems impossible to fit everything in!

In all the hustle and bustle, we hope you’ll take advantage of those opportunities and moments that speak deeply to your values. If you are reading this, Way to Grow’s mission to serve children and families and to ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to succeed in school and life, is important to you. Why not make your gift today, while it is top of mind, to help these families thrive? Way to Grow will put your gift to work immediately for the benefit of families and our whole community.

Or if you’d like to stretch out your gift over 12 months, you can sign up for automatic monthly giving here. That way, you can “set it and forget it” and know that your support for those in need will continue uninterrupted, even as life picks up speed. Monthly gifts also help Way to Grow by providing steady income to support our vital programs. You have our heartfelt thanks for helping to ensure that children in the most isolated families in Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park are born healthy, stay healthy and are ready for school. 

It is said that those who give joyfully and regularly enjoy more happiness and health. Well, here’s to your health!

Living Generously

Living Generously 600 400 Kim Bowman

April brings longer days, more sunshine, and the promise that shirt-sleeve weather is near!  We yearn for blue skies, fresh spring air and recreation in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

April also brings tax season, when we pull together financial records, review earnings and expenses, get a better sense of how we are doing financially, and plan accordingly. Did you know that spring is also when many people create their first will or update an existing will? 

A will helps you provide gifts for loved ones after your lifetime. It ensures that your wishes are honored and that family and friends receive the money or property you intend for them.  Whether you have a lot or a little to share, every person has the right to direct how their nest egg is used after their life. (Those without a will have their property distributed according to a “one size fits all” state formula that doesn’t reflect personal circumstances.)

You can also leave gifts in your will for charities you hold dear and whose work you want to support in the future through a percentage of your estate or dollar amount. Here at Way to Grow, we hope you’ll keep us in mind! A gift in your will for Way to Grow helps ensure that children are born healthy, stay healthy and are prepared for school. What could be a more meaningful legacy than brighter futures for all children in our community?

For more information, or if you wish to receive a helpful brochure on Planning for the Future, please call us at (612) 767-0425. Thank you!

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