Family Activity

Family Fun: Post-It Note Games

Family Fun: Post-It Note Games 800 350 Maren Nelson

Keep learning year-round with indoor actives like this! Sent to us by our Preschool Pals teachers, you can adapt the game to different skill levels.

You will need: 
A blank wall or door (or even the front of the refrigerator), sticky notes, marker. 

Step 1:
Write each letter of the alphabet on a different sticky note, and put them on the wall or door.
Step 2: 
Ask the child to identify the letter, spell words, or find the letter based on its sound. 
Download instructions for identifying the letter, matching letters, alliteration, and spelling and rhyming for even more fun!

Family Fun: Cheerio Bird Feeders

Family Fun: Cheerio Bird Feeders 3334 1459 Way to Grow

It can be hard to find fun activities to keep kids busy indoors during the cold winter months. Tap into their creativity and watch some local wildlife together with these bird feeders! 

You will need: 
Cheerios, floral wire or pipe cleaners, ribbon or string for hanging

Step 1:
Shape your wire first – our example uses hearts, but you can twist it into other fun shapes, too!
Step 2: 
Thread the Cheerios on the wire.  
Step 3:
Twist the ends of the wire together to close the shape and keep the Cheerios in place.
Step 4:
Hang it up outside near a window and enjoy watching the birds that come for a snack, or make it educational by helping your children identify the birds and learning about them together!

Family Fun: Wax Crayon Resist Art

Family Fun: Wax Crayon Resist Art 3334 1459 Way to Grow

It can be hard to find fun activities to keep kids busy indoors during the cold winter months. Tap into their creativity with this fun snowflake art! 

You will need: 
white wax crayon, white paper, watercolor paint, paint brush, cup of water, salt

Step 1:
Draw a design on a white piece of paper with a white crayon. (This is perfect for snowflakes or a snowman!)
Step 2: 
Choose a color (or several!) to paint on your drawing. Be sure to paint over all your crayon designs. They will pop against the colorful background! 
Step 3:
For extra pizzazz, sprinkle some salt over your painting while it’s still wet. This creates a beautiful and unique effect when mixed with the watercolor paint.
Step 4:
Let your painting dry and enjoy!

Family Fun: Fall Leaves Hand Tree

Family Fun: Fall Leaves Hand Tree 3334 1459 Way to Grow

Believe it or not, it’s still fall! If you miss those beautiful colors, our Preschool Pals staff has a great activity for you to do with your family!

You will need: 
paper, pencil, scissors, markers (or any coloring/painting tool), toilet paper/paper towel roll
Step 1:
Trace your hands with the pencil. The more hands you trace, the fuller your tree will be. We recommend 3-5 hands.
Step 2: 
Choose your favorite fall leaf colors and color your whole hand. You can practice staying in the lines as an extra challenge or choose to go over the line to make sure every part of your hand is colored.
Step 3:
Cut out your hands along the line you traced.
Step 4:
Cut two 1-inch slits on either side of the top of your toilet paper roll.
Step 5: 
Place your cut-out “leaf” hands in the slits of your toilet paper roll. Arrange the hands so that the tree looks full of leaves. 
Step 6:
Enjoy your new fall tree!

Family Fun: On the hunt!

Family Fun: On the hunt! 1080 1920 Maren Nelson

Run out of ideas for your kids this summer? Our preschool staff has you covered with a scavenger hunt bingo game!


Download and print off this bingo card and grab a marker.

What to do:

Go on a walk around your neighborhood or anywhere you could find these items. Look around carefully and encourage your child to identify items on the card, as well as the different things you encounter. Encourage older children to lead the hunt by thinking about where specific items can be found, and increase the difficulty by setting a timer. When you’ve found an item, cross it off on the card.


You’ve won when you find five items in a line (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal), or continue until you have found every item. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your adventure together!

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