Way to Grow

Twelve Days of Growing: Day 8

Day 8 – Great by Eight. Our Great by Eight program expanded our successful and statistically proven home-visiting model to include children from kindergarten (age 6) through 3rd grade (age 8). Building on the strong foundation of knowledge families receive in our early learning program and through intentional collaboration with all 34 elementary schools in […]

Twelve Days of Growing: Day 7

Day 7 – 7 Different Languages – Did you know that Way to Grow’s Family Educators and Resource Advocates speak 7 different languages? This language-to-language, culture-to-culture approach is the benchmark of our Home Visiting model. It allows our educators to help parents teach the foundations of literacy in their own home. We also help our […]

Twelve Days of Growing: Day 6

Day 6 – 6 Volunteers – That’s how many volunteers we like to have on hand to help with our Family Game Nights. It took twenty volunteers to pull off our Early Learning Graduation and dozens help put on our Annual Gala. Volunteer groups from Target, General Mills, PricewaterhouseCoopers, BMO Harris, Little & Co., and […]

Twelve Days of Growing: Day 5

Day 5 – 5 years old. The age at which most social service interventions for children begin – five years too late. Way to Grow works with kids from the time they’re born to make sure they’re healthy and have a solid education. Studies prove that if a child receives support in developing physical, cognitive, […]

Twelve Days of Growing: Day 4

4 – 4-Stars Shining. Way to Grow’s Preschool Pals is a 4-Star Parent Aware rated preschool, meaning it meets benchmarks for the following best practices: Exemplifies a truly engaged school readiness partner for parents Ongoing assessment of child’s progress Continually adapts lesson plans and goals to meet individual needs Regularly updates parents on child’s progress […]

Twelve Days of Growing: Day 3

3. – Three-year-old Abi was only speaking in grunts and made-up words and would throw violent tantrums when his mom couldn’t understand him. Way to Grow worked with Abi to get him enrolled in early childhood special education classes and with Marina on her parenting skills. In less than six months, Abi spoke in full […]

Twelve Days of Growing: Day 2

2. – Over 2,000 parents and children received high-quality home visits focused on early childhood education this year. Way to Grow’s Family Educators and Resource Advocates engage parents with their children’s education—showing them how to teach through everyday interaction and play. During our 12 Days of Growing, we’ll share with you 12 examples of how together we […]

Twelve Days of Growing: Day 1

1. – One person giving. You. We just need you and your generous spirit to give whatever you can to honor our 11,000 home visits in 2013 and to help us get even more kids ready for school and a healthy life in 2014. Today marks the beginning of our 12 Days of Growing countdown. During […]

Twelve Days of Growing

As the year winds down, we are so grateful for the generous contributions we’ve received from individuals, foundations, businesses, and civic leaders in our community. Research continues to show that investments in early learning programs that put parent education at the forefront yield some of the highest dividends to our society. During our 12 Days […]