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A Healthy Mind Needs Fuel – National Nutrition Month!

Way to Grow is happy to celebrate National Nutrition Month through our Cooking Matters classes for our children and parents! National Nutrition Month is an annual nutrition education and awareness campaign held in March by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. In a partnership with the University of Minnesota Extension Services, Way to Grow offers […]

My Voice Matters: Voices and Choices for Children

A cavalcade of parents and children clad in yellow descended on the Minnesota State Capitol last Monday – otherwise known as a Way to Grow contingency! Way to Grow joined elected officials, Think Small, the Children’s Defense Fund, the Voices and Choices Coalition, and advocates for Minnesota children at the 2nd Annual Voices and Choices […]

So, What Exactly is an IGDI?

IGDI [ig – dee]   IGDIs, or Individual Growth and Development Indicators, are frequently discussed here at Way to Grow. “The IGDIs are next week.” “Don’t eat those snacks in the fridge; they’re for the IGDIs!” “When do the IGDI results come in?” More than an third of America’s young children lack the skills crucial […]

Shamsa’s 20 Years and Counting

From a corner of the Way to Grow office, boisterous laughter rises above the quiet workday chatter. No one has to ask—everyone knows that voice, and smiles spread around the office. Shamsa Idle, a Way to Grow Family Educator, throws her hands in the air, smiling as she recalls a story from her most recent home visit to […]

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Paying it Forward

Way to Grow is deeply thankful for the financial support we receive. In fact, gifts allow us to work with the most isolated families in Minneapolis, and ensure that children are born healthy, stay healthy, and are prepared for school. Last year, we served 2,432 children and parents through 11,563 home visits. With your continued […]

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Q&A with a Family Educator: Educating Parents about the Measles Outbreak

Recent reports now confirm the measles outbreak in Minnesota has spread to four counties, the most recent is LeSueur County, south of the Twin Cities. The number of confirmed cases has risen to 69 as of May 24. These cases are primarily affecting unvaccinated children ranging in age from 0 to 17 years. Way to […]

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Staff Voices: Representing Native American Identity

At the age of 16, I ran away from the city to move to the White Earth Reservation in northwestern Minnesota. I always loved it up there. As children, we’d go every summer, and just about every weekend in between, to spend our days canoeing, ricing, and berry picking at my grandfather’s. We’d visit with […]

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Parent Engagement Rates Soar

When parents, schools and communities work together to support learning, children do better. Click To Tweet Over the past several months, Way to Grow has been working to increase parent engagement, and we have seen incredible results! Throughout the summer, hundreds of families have joined in our Cooking Matters health and nutrition classes, attended our Meet […]

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Mayor Hodges Visits Way to Grow as City Launches Talking is Teaching Initiative

Last week, Way to Grow teamed up with Mayor Betsy Hodges and TPT to launch and promote the City’s “Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing” campaign. The Talking is Teaching campaign is the first initiative to come out of the Mayor’s Cradle to K cabinet, formed in 2014. Carolyn Smallwood, Executive Director of Way to Grow […]

“A movement is not a flash of light — it is a flame, a torch passed from one generation to the next and every so often we are blessed with moments where the smolder transforms to blaze again and we’re forced to race down the path of progress.” – Mayda del Valle