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Education – Where the Candidates Stand

With the primary election in full swing, we’ve heard a lot of talk from the candidates on other pressing issues, but what are their views on education? No matter who you support, or which party you belong to, education affects the prosperity of us all as individuals, as communities, and as a nation. Here’s where […]

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ESSA – Three Things to Know

Eight years after No Child Left Behind (NCLB) went into effect, congress has passed a revision to the bill to allow states to reclaim control over much of their education policies. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), signed into law on December 10, will take full effect at the start of the 2016-2017 school year. […]

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Rethinking Pre-K Funding and Quality

Recently, New America, a non-partisan think tank from Washington, DC hosted a public forum in Minneapolis to discuss the state of our statewide education system. With help from the McKnight Foundation and others, New America conducted a study, outlined in Building Strong Readers in Minnesota report, to find out what supports are needed to foster literacy development […]

What the Education Bill Promises the State’s Earliest Learners

After much debate, Governor Dayton and the Minnesota Legislature have passed the Education Bill with hopes of narrowing Minnesota’s achievement gap and ensuring all children receive the best education possible. The bill includes enacting free all-day Kindergarten, expanding access to early learning opportunities, and increasing funding for K-12 schools. Though the final bill does not […]

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Cradle to K Cabinet Releases Final Plan to Address Early Learning Disparities in Minneapolis

Mayor Hodges and the Cradle to K Cabinet released the final Cradle to K report outlining policy, legislative and collaborative recommendations for 2015 and beyond. “As much as possible, these recommendations are based on research and the prevailing best practices in the field and in our community.  We want to focus on what works.” -Mayor […]

“Not long ago, a one-and-a-half-year-old boy was admitted to Dr. Paul Offit’s hospital. He’d been seen at the hospital’s outpatient clinic at two, four, six and 12 months - all the times when kids get the pneumococcal vaccine. But his parents chose not to vaccinate. ‘He came in with pneumococcal meningitis, and then suffered a devastating brain herniation,’ Offit said. ‘He will never see, walk or speak again and probably won’t live past five.’”

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2015 Children and Youth Issues Briefing Recap

This morning, nearly 1,000 influential advocates gathered at the 2015 Children & Youth Issues Briefing in Saint Paul. The event kicked off with an address from Governor Mark Dayton who announced that his upcoming budget proposal (reviewed next Tuesday) will allocate $372 million to “children and education.”  Acknowledging that many Minnesota families have critical unmet […]

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2014 In Review

In 2014, we: Had 88% of all Way to Grow preschoolers pass kindergarten readiness assessments for the second year in a row. Opened our second preschool in South Minneapolis (Preschool P.A.L.S) at Urban Ventures, with a focus on educating both preschoolers and parents. Celebrated serving our first cohort of third graders completing our Great by […]

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Inside a Home Visit

With President Obama’s recent announcement to invest $750 million in preschool and childcare programs across the country, early learning is front and center, bringing home visiting into the national spotlight.  Most of us, however, don’t directly participate in home visiting, leaving questions of what all it entails and why it is so effective.  Today, we invite you to step inside a […]

Making a Difference

Meet Jacqueline.  We hope to make Jacqueline’s holiday brighter by raising $2,500; enough to cover one full year of home visits and comprehensive programming with Way to Grow.  Jacqueline’s parents are from Togo, a small, tropical sub-Saharan country in West Africa. Edoh, Jacqueline’s mother has a goal for her children that many of us share. […]