Way to Grow

Success Story: Luis

Luis was a very smart and active bilingual 5-year-old boy. When his family educator, Eveline, started meeting with his family, his mom, Maria, expressed concern about his speech and behavior. His preschool teacher had informed her that Luis needed help, so she had him take the Early-Childhood Screening for Minneapolis Public Schools. He passed these […]

Student of the Month!

We’re excited to share this incredible Way to Grow success story! This is Family Educator Collette Fredrickson reporting: “On Monday morning, Osemwivie, kindergarten student and Way to Grow participant, was named Student of the Month at her school! Last August, Osemwivie was unable to read a single word and refused to even try out of fear of failing. […]

Success Story: Marina and Abi

Marina, a single mom to 3-year-old Abi, was desperately struggling to make ends meet. Marina heard about Way to Grow from a friend, and was eager to learn how to help her son. At 3 years old, Abi was only speaking in grunts and made-up words. He would often get frustrated and throw violent tantrums […]