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Learning at Home: Alphabet Wall Game

This activity comes from one of our Preschool Pals teachers and is a great game for you and your preschooler to play at home together. What You Need: Cards with all the letters of the alphabet (uppercase AND lowercase) A wall you can put tape on in a room with lots of space to run […]

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Promoting Early Literacy Development – Tips for Parents

At its core, early literacy development begins with what children know about reading and writing long before they themselves can read and write. Here are a few tips to help promote early literacy development at home: 1. Enjoy more conversation Make the most of the time you spend with your child by simply talking and listening to […]

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Practice Makes Perfect

Jacqueline is a bright spirited kindergartner with glowing dark skin and a vibrant smile bound to melt your heart. When Jacqueline started school this fall, she struggled knowing that she did not know how to write. When her Family Educator visited Jacqueline this past September, Jacqueline held up a piece of jumbo-ruled paper. With chicken […]

"I'm going to do all I can to make sure they finish high school, because I didn't."

Student of the Month!

We’re excited to share this incredible Way to Grow success story! This is Family Educator Collette Fredrickson reporting: “On Monday morning, Osemwivie, kindergarten student and Way to Grow participant, was named Student of the Month at her school! Last August, Osemwivie was unable to read a single word and refused to even try out of fear of failing. […]

Words to Grow

This week, a group of our Family Educators (and a special little helper who had a free day from school due to the cold!) assembled word kits for families of third grade students.These kits are designed to help parents get their children ready for the MCA tests. This is just one of many ways that […]

Twelve Days of Growing: Day 7

Day 7 – 7 Different Languages – Did you know that Way to Grow’s Family Educators and Resource Advocates speak 7 different languages? This language-to-language, culture-to-culture approach is the benchmark of our Home Visiting model. It allows our educators to help parents teach the foundations of literacy in their own home. We also help our […]

The Generosity of General Mills

On Friday, December 6th, the External Relations Division of General Mills delivered hats, mittens, and books for our Way to Grow families. They also spent part of the afternoon helping build capacity through a variety of volunteer projects. Team members prepared games and curriculum tools for our home visiting kits, helped sort books for our […]